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This category contains articles covering introductions to technologies or tools. These are my notes taken when learning and redacted slightly so that they can be published here and shared with you!

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Markdown basics

July 23rd, 2013    by sigman    3932
  Primers   programming

Markdown has been made a markup language of choice by many different platforms including the one I use often: Github, Atlassian Jira, Stack Exchange. The language was designed to be readable as-is, without looking like it's been marked up with tags or formatting instructions (unlike HTML). Since its initial development in 2004 by John Gruber’s there have been number of efforts attempting to standarise it. John's own Perl script converting Markdown into HTML has been used as the initial definition for Markdown but since it has number of ambiguous definitions causing issues, many different standards of the language emerged. The differences are mainly around more advanced features thought and the base is rather common and this is what I'm going to concentrate on here. Also there is an inititiative called CommonMark ( describing itself as a strongly specified, highly compatible implementation of Markdown, with many popular individuals involved that standarises the language.

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Regex basics

March 14th, 2012    by sigman    4825
  Primers   javascript, linux, RegEx

Regular expressions are patterns that can be matched against strings. They are used in many different situations and places. Most commonly regex come handy when doing operations on multiple files or working with strings like extracting specific values, validating forms, removing or replacing certain patterns like markup, splitting strings.

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Box2D basics - Part 1

February 12th, 2012    by sigman    11883
  Primers   box2d, actionscript, programming

Box2D logoBox2D probably doesn't have to be introduced to anyone, even if you have never used it, you have probably still heard about it. This is the most popular physics simulation engine that has been ported to every popular platform available. I had a chance to work with Box2D in C++ and I have been reading tutorials from guys using it with Python, Objective-C, Java and JavaScript. So if you come from other platform than Flash, I encourage you to read this article anyway as although I'm using a Flash port here, everything works exactly the same way in other platforms. In the first part, I cover how to create a world, static and dynamic objects, how to add interaction and work with collision detection.

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