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Creating command line tools with Node.js

March 15th, 2016    by sigman    13077
  Tips   nodejs, javascript, linux, programming

I needed to create an utility that when installed as a global module, it would be both available as a command line tool in bash and as a Node module that could be imported with require function from any Node script. As the command line tool, i wanted it to take input in two ways: take parameters and read input from a file or take piped streams. This tip explains how this can be achieved.

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Saving and loading complex objects from a file with FlashPlayer

January 19th, 2012    by sigman    5271
  Tips   actionscript, programming

When building Flash apps or games there is very often a need to save some user data. It might be a player's progress in a game or some work done in an application. Usually online application data is being kept in a database and desktop apps are saving to a file on a hard drive. Flash also allows saving to shared objects, so called Flash's cookie files but there is a limit of size set by an operating system and some browsers or anti-viruses may clear them periodically effectively erasing users saved data. While for desktop apps developers choose Adobe AIR, which allows deeper integration with operating systems, not many people know that since Flash Player 10 there is also an option of saving and loading data from a file. In this quick article I will give you a code example of how this feature could be use along with JSON and ByteArrays to effectively save your data to a file.

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Building iOS app with Adobe AIR - things learnt when developing ColorByShape app

December 1st, 2011    by sigman    32285
  Tips   actionscript, mobile

Color By Shape is my first app targeted for tablets only. Currently there is only iOS version available but the plan is to have it on Android Martket as well (it's pretty easy with AIR, just I don't have currently access to enough test devices). In this article I want to share some of the issues and ways of handling them when building an iPad app.

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Building mobile games in Adobe AIR - techniques used in Jumping Droid

May 22nd, 2011    by sigman    49194
  Tips   mobile, actionscript

Yes... building my first cross-platform and multi-screen mobile game was quite a challenge. At the time when I started this project, the Adobe AIR for mobiles (2.5) was quite immature and the best source of solutions and workarounds to new problems (often bugs) was the Adobe's Flash Community forum. I'm going to share here some techniques I learnt and used in Jumping Droid game. I encourage you to try them, experiment and mix with others, to achieve better optimisation and better performance.

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